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Mark Riley: The Intersection of Politics and Culture

May 30, 2023

Do Republicans eat themselves? When it’s Texas, and the person in question is Attorney General Ken Paxton. There’s a deal in the debt ceiling debacle. Is it time to put the whole thing out to pasture? There’s the story of the lawyer who used ChatGPT in court. Suffice to say it did not go well. Why are judges...

May 17, 2023

Exploring Political Deception: Why Politicians Lie and Voter Reaction - Democratic Party's Immigration Divide - Post-Title 42 Border Challenges under Biden - Debt Ceiling Crisis: Possible Solutions and Impact - The Jordan Neely Case: A Closer Look

May 9, 2023

Good ol' USA...Mass Shootings, Abortion Rights, Clarence Thomas, Donald Trump, the Proud Boys, Tucker Carlson, and Texas. Did I leave anything out?