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Mark Riley: The Intersection of Politics and Culture

Dec 6, 2021

New Podcast Episode: Should a protest song of 1964 still be relevant today? The answer is, no, it shouldn’t…yet Nina Simone’s “Mississippi Goddamn” still screams to that state’s position on anti-choice laws just as it shone a spotlight on their barbaric views on America’s rights to slavery.

Equally as rancid is Gun Violence and the school shooting in Oxford, MI. Were there no lessons learned from the bloodbath at my Alma Mater, Sandy Hook Elementary School (Newtown, CT) in 2012?

And as we approach 2022, will we run out of Greek alphabet letters to label the new COVID strains or will we – so-called supernations –raise a white flag and concede to provide vaccines to those without access… the ONLY solution to conquering the enemy borderless virus.