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Mark Riley: The Intersection of Politics and Culture

Jun 27, 2022

A trio of major stories this week, as the Supreme Court destroys Roe v. Wade and ignites a seismic furore across the country.

The January 6th Committee uncovers some surprising revelations and the decision to boycott the committee comes back to bite. The Supreme Court also hands gun owners a big victory, while Congress...

Jun 20, 2022

Sad to say, Donald Trump and his lying machine sputters on this episode as the January 6th Committee continues its work. Now half of Trump’s appointees and inner circle are trying to act like heroes for telling him he lost the election.

Ever wonder who’s backing Trump’s tall tales with their hard cash? We’ll...

The Intersection S6 Ep 7 Jan 6 Capitol Insurrection. Trump. AOC

Jun 13, 2022

Two dominant stories this week, the January 6th hearings, which are ongoing, and new inflation figures with a potential far reaching impact. Then there’s the ongoing feud between the moderate and progressive wings of the Democratic Party. This is evidenced by a recall vote in San Francisco and AOC’s endorsements in...