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Mark Riley: The Intersection of Politics and Culture

Feb 14, 2022

COVID ad infinitum… the residuals of this virus are impacting more than just health as inflation and supply chain costs in the US and worldwide are spiralling out of control.

Threats against members of Congress are surging over the past five years. If you count the throwdown in 1804 between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, it’s just history repeating itself, but last year alone 9,600 documented threats were reported.

Speaking of threats, Putin is in a category all of his own…130,000 Russian troops supposedly just hanging out on the Ukraine border. According to Putin this should not be seen as menacing at all.

All is not so well in peace-loving Canada, where the protests of antivaxxer truck drivers caused a crippling disruption of supply chains. Auto plants cut back on shifts and the Ambassador Bridge found itself not moving $300 million dollars in goods per day. Yet concerns remain that of just a “small fringe minority” says non-confrontational PM Trudeau.