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Mark Riley: The Intersection of Politics and Culture

Apr 4, 2023

You know what leads this episode. The only former
president in US history to be indicted on criminal charges, what else?
But don’t go partying in the streets just yet. Donald Trump has been
charged, but he’s nowhere near being convicted. Besides, the
indictment helps him raise money from those suckers, ‘er,
supporters who still back him.
After the tragic and senseless killing of six people in a Nashville, Tennessee school, would you think Republicans might re-think their knee-jerk opposition to gun regulations? Nope! Their
answer? More guns.
Things are getting sticky for Fox News after a judge ruled Dominion Voting System’s lawsuit can go to trial. And the Saudis want nukes. For energy purposes, you understand. If the US
won’t give it to them, guess who they’ll ask next?