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Mark Riley: The Intersection of Politics and Culture

Jul 5, 2021

Bill Cosby’s a free man from a fundamental component of US law, but he’ll still have to live with being a hypocritical perv who ought to be shunned for the rest of his days. I’m pretty sure he won’t be shunned…someone will pay him a princely sum for an interview. Let’s see who it is? In Canada, more than 1000 graves of indigenous children have been found thus far near schools whose avowed purpose was to beat the ‘indigenous’ of out young people. In many cases, the bodies show signs of exposure to disease and physical and sexual abuse. Meanwhile, droves turned out to enable narcissist Donald Trump, chanting “Save America.” D’ya miss anything? Nah, his not-so-new mantra… “I won last year’s election, critical race theory is itself racist, and religious liberty is being crushed…” blah blah blah.